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Jonty Mayer asked:

(1) the gemarah on 57a concerning haba al imo etc. the gemorrah makes no
mention as to weather there is an avera of being shofech zera levtolah !?
any comments ?

(2) on 55b the gemorh and rashi d"h diklah d'dahvah state that you will not
see in your dream that wich you are not used to seeing and did not think about.
however on the next page 56b the Sadducee said to R.Yishmael that he
swallowed a star ?!

kol tov

The Kollel replies:

(1) It is only a dream; he has no actual physiological response.

(2) The answer is that although swallowing a star is not something that someone thinks about during the day, but it is similar to what he was thinking about during the day (kidnapping a Jew and selling him and using the money to buy food to eat).