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Yehonasan Gefen asks:

The Saducee who told his dreams to Rebbe Yishmael was obviously a big rasha - so what is the significance of the final dream and the fact that it meant that he would find money in his the tenth beam - Do any of the commentators talk about this?

Yehonasan Gefen, Ramat Beit Shemesh

The Kollel replies:

I have not found any Mefarshim who discuss this, so I will suggest my own insight, bs'd.

It may be that the point of this Gemara is to show that sometimes Hash-m does a "Mofes" for a Rasha. This is a Nisayon for us that we should not be swayed into believing that someone is a Tzadik simply because he works wonders. No doubt some people saw this amazing dream of the Saducee and thought that this must be a proof that the way of the Saducees is correct; the Gemara is teaching us that since we know in retrospect how wrong the Saducees were, we can learn from this that if other people come along in later generations and perform miracles, this is a trial that Hash-m is giving to us and does not mean that we should adopt our outlook on life from these miracle performers.

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom