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Yosey Goldstein asked:

Reb Mordechai Shlita;

The Gemorah states that there are three things that needs special Rachamim. A good King, a good year and good dreams. Rashi explains this by saying that these three things are in G-d's hands and can only come with his permission.

How does this fit in with the Gemmorah in the beginning of Taanis that says there are three keys that Hash-m does not hand over to the angels. Parnossa, Life and children. That Gemmorah seems to say that these are the ONLY areas that Hash-m does not "delegate" to the Angels.

I have found that the BEN YEHOYODAH asks this question on Rashi, but he gives another explanation in the gemmorah. He does not answer the question according to Rashi.

Thank you very much


Yosey Goldstein

The Kollel replies:

If the question is only on Rashi's interpretation of our Gemara, a simple answer may be suggested. Rashi in Ta'anis 2a explains the Gemara there to mean that the 3 keys are never given to a Shaliach at on time . They are, however, given individually. Our Gemara is discussing items that are never given to a Shaliach, but remain in Hash-m's hands always. (M. Rosenberg)

But I think that another answer may be in order. Our Gemara is not discussing items that remain in Hash-m's hands and are not delegated to a Shaliach. Perhaps Hash-m does indeed delegate them to a Shaliach (except for a good year, which may be one of the things listed in Ta'anis), but the Gemara just means to say that they depend upon Divine assistance (whether through a Shaliach or not). Do not think that they are under man's control, like weaving or trading etc, where a person's input makes the major difference in his success. Rather, they depend on Siyata d'Shmaya.

Be well, Mordecai