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Richard Viener asks:

I brought a printout to our daf yomi shiur of your berachos 48 paragraph 2 (The Obligation of a Minor in mitzvos) and the question was raised, what do you mean by your statement that a minor may recite Birkas Ha"Mazon for a person over the age of Bar Mitzva if that person ate less than a k'Zayis of bread. I assume you don't mean less than a k'zayis but rather less than kedai sviya, and so too one would have to amend your answer accordingly.(One who ate less than a kezayis doesn't have to Bentsch). Perhaps you meant something entirely different-am not sure. Thanks

The Kollel replies:

Thank you, for your corretion, Richard. What you wrote is correct, the word "k'Zayis" is supposed to be k'Dei Sevi'ah, since the obligation to say Birkat ha'Mazon mid'Oraisa is only after eating k'Dei Sevi'ah. Thank you for the correction.

Be well,