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Steven Friedell asks:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld, I noticed in today's daf (Berakhot 44a, Tosafot d.h. Al Ha-etz...) that Tosafot mention "Sefer Ha-Maimuni" which is apparently the Rambam's Mishne Torah, H. Berakhot 3:13. According to the Bar-Ilan CD-ROM this is the only place in Tosafot that Maimonides is mentioned this way. There is a mention of the Rambam in brackets in a Tosafot in Ketubot 86a, d.h. L'Ishah, perhaps a later addition to the Tosafot there. Are there other places where Tosafot deal with the Rambam, perhaps under a different name? I am aware of the Maimonidean controversy, but the absence of more mention of the Rambam seems odd.

Steven F. Friedell

Rutgers Law School

The Kollel replies:

The Rambam is also mentioned in Tosafos Menachos 42b DH Tefilin, where he is referred to as Harav Rav Moshe bar Maimon. (Tosafos there suggests a simple explanation for a Halachah that the Rambam in a responsa tried to disclaim -- but that's subject for another discussion.) I don't know of any other places where he is mentioned in Tosafos.

I'm not sure what you mean by "the Maimonidean controversy." If you mean that some Rishonim did not want to accept his rulings since he was too much the philosopher, I don't think that had any bearing by the time that Tosafos lived. The Rishonim refer to the Rambam with the greatest of respect. But remember that in those days, books were not printed and mass-distributed, and distances cut off even relatively nearby communities from each. Let's raise our voices in praise and thanks to Hash-m for creating the Internet just so that we would be able to learn together!

Yours, Mordecai Kornfeld