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Jeffrey Kaufman asked:

Question 1) Ula holds that R' Yehudah agrees that if their are 2 different Brochos you say which one you want first and then the other one. The Gemorah asks on Ula -How could you say we need 2 Brochos, when the Braissa says that one Bracha on the onion(radish) will suffice for the olive as well. The Gemorah answers that the olive is a Toful and does not require it's own Beracha.

Then the Gemorah says that it can't be because we see from the Sayfah that R' Yehudah holds here that we need a Bracha on the olive because it is one of the 7 species, etc... etc... Now- couldn't the Gemorah ask a more direct question on Ula from this R' Yehuda of the Braissa that even though there are 2 Brochos, never-the-less R' Yehudah requires The Bracha to be made on the olive first, not like Ula said?

Question 2) Seeing that there is a Machlokes between Rav Ami and Rav Yitzchok Naphcha, what is Ula,s Chidush?

The Kollel replies:

1) Excellent question. You are correct -- the Gemara could have indeed asked on Ula directly from Rebbi Yehudah's opinion in the Beraisa. It asked from the Tana Kama, though, in order to be a stronger question on Ula (that is, not only is Ula's understanding of Rebbi Yehudah's opinion incorrect, his understanding of the Rabanan is also incorrect).

And when the Gemara answers that the Beraisa needs to be amended, that also answers the question on Ula from Rebbi Yehudah.

2) Ula did not hear about their Machlokes. And even if he did, perhaps he wanted to side with one of them, and therefore his opinion was voiced and recorded.