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S. Wanderer asked:

In what way do the berachos of retzei and sim shalom constitute a hoda'a. The Gemarah on 34a describes the final 3 berachos as comparable to an eved leaving his master after receiving what he requests. Is this intended to mean that he thanks Him? Or am I mistaken in my understanding that they are hoda'a - I was always under the impression that this was the case.

S. Wanderer, London, UK

The Kollel replies:

Rabbi Eliyahu Munk zt'l (in Olam ha'Tefilos (translated into English in "World of Prayer")) explains as follows. Sim Shalom comes in the section of Hoda'ah because it shows the Jew's ultimate longing to reach Shleimus (from the word "Shalom") in his service of Hash-m. The greatest expression of appreciation that a servant can show to his master is the expression of his desire to serve his master as fully as possible. That is what we are asking in the Berachah of Sim Shalom.

Y. Shaw