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Ruben Weiser asked:

The braisa says:

There are 3 things that are bad in excess but fine in moderation (yeast,salt and refusal)

Are thoese the only things that are bad in exess but good in moderation? What about wine,food, etc.,etc.,etc.

Thanks for your time,

Ruben Weiser, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Kollel replies:

Actually, virtually everything is bad in excess, but there are many sub-divisions after that.

It seems to me that the list in our Gemara is unique in that it refers to three things that are in themselves negative, but work on something else to perfect it - a little salt perfects food, a little yeast perfects the dough and a little bit of refusal perfects the subsequent acceptance.

Interestingly, another list of eight things (cited by the Mesores ha'Shas), (in Gitin 70a), include travel, wealth, sleep, and bloodletting, as well as the wine that you mention. None of the things mentioned there fit into our list due to the reason that I cited.

Food it seems to me, does not fit into the list in Gitin either, since even though it is not good when taken in excess, nowhere is it written that one should eat only small quantities.

Kol Tuv,

R. Eliezer Chrysler