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Elliott Aharonoff asked:

Hello, I know this is not today's daf but I was wondering if you guys found a good answer for this question.

We have a contradiction in the text between masechet sota daf 21 and masechet berachos daf 32. They both darshen out the pasuk to explain different ideas of what happens to a sota that was brought to trial but was really innocent. The conversation is recorded where the opinions are reversed in each masechet. The mesores hashash brings this up but does not clearly answer it. I was wondering if you guys happen to find the basis for the shita being switched around in the masechets. Thank you for all your work and serving our communities nationwide.

Elliott Aharonoff, great neck, USA

The Kollel replies:

I presume that you are referring to the Gemara in Berachos 31b and Sotah 26a. In fact Tosfos in Sotah (24b DH v'Rebbi) clearly had a different Girsa in Berachos so that the Gemara in Berachos read the same as the Gemara in Sotah. It would seem that this is what Rebbi Yeshaya Pik is hinting at. However, this may not be satisfactory as he goes on to point out that Tosfos in Menachos 17b has the same Girsa as our Gemaras. This is why he ends by saying v'Tzarich Iyun K'tzas.

Alternatively, this may be like two Leshonos in the Gemara where the Bnei Yeshivah disagreed about the which Tana held which view; see for example Bava Kama 57b where there is a disagreement among Amora'im as to whether Rebbi Meir said a Socher is like a Shomer Sachar, and Rebbi Yehudah said he is like a Shomer Chinam or the other way around. See Tosfos in Bava Basra 176a DH Govah who says that a similar thing is considered as two Leshonos in the Gemara.

Dov Freedman