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Lou Seedman asks:

In his Tziyyun LeNefesh, Rav Yechezkel Landau explains that after commanding him to descend, Hash-m continued to speak to Moses. This is what indicates that "go and descend" refers to descent from prominence, not from the mountain.

This seems to me to be a weak argument. Even if the "descent" refers to Moshe's relationship with Am Yisrael, it seems to me that if Hash-m continued to speak to Moses that, davka, was indication of Moshe's continued prominence. Please clarify.

Lou Seedman, Potomac, USA

The Kollel replies:

Dear Lou,

You seem to understand that losing prominence means losing leadership, like being impeached. I think it means that even though Moshe Rabeinu is still the leader of the people, he is not any more like the President of the United States, but only like the President of a weak country. Hash-m still talks to him, but not with prominence.

All the best,

Reuven Weiner