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Shabsai Moshe Levine asked:

What is the gemara teaching us by questioning whether we need "chashad", "mapoles", and "nezikin". I don't understand the inversions. is this to say that the gemara is looking for a condition where all 3 must be satisfied, or is the intent to give three examples, each proving that we should not go into a churban for an individual reason.

The Kollel replies:

Dear Shabsai Moshe,

Regarding your question on Daf 3 - , After giving three reason why one should not enter into a Mapoles, the Gemara goes on to explain why each of these reasons is necessary i.e. none of them is dispensable. This is due to the fact that there are various sets of circumstances (each of which the Gemara sets out), where one - or even two - of the reasons does not apply, but then the third one does.

We are not looking for cases where all reasons must be satisfied,like your first suggestion, but more like your second, that each reason is valid - but more than that! We want to justify why each reason is necessary.

Kol Tuv and Chag Samei'ach


Eliezer Chrysler