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Morrie Kleinbart asked:

Once R. Yehoshua forgave R. Gamliel, the question turned to R. Gamliel's restoration as nasi. The Gemara says that there was concern about deposing R. Elazar and restoring R. Gamliel because "ma'alin ba'kodesh, v'ein moridin." Was this not of equal concern when R. Gamliel was deposed in the first place?

Morrie Kleinbart, New York, NY USA

The Kollel replies:

Since the B'nai HaYeshiva felt that R. Gamliel was not fit, there was no problem of Maalin B'Kodesh.

By the way, some say that R. Gamliel was not replaced as Nasi only as Rosh Yeshiva.

Dov Zupnik