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Aryeh Burnham asked:

On 25b, the TK of the braisa says one may say shma w/o stirring up the water, and the gm asks "but his heart sees the ervah?"

1) Why didn't it ask that his eyes can see the evah if he doesn't stir up the water?

2) Also Tos. infers that Libo Roeh is Assur because Abaye and Rava argue about heel, Mashma everyone says Libo is Assur seemingly because Libo is more Chamur. This seems against the Gemarah because after the Gemarah says that the Tana Kama holds Libo is Mutar then it asks but his heel sees the Ervah? If Tos. was correct that Libo is more chamur, why would the Gemarah ask about heel? We know that the Tana Kama holds Libo is Mutar so according to Tos. then Kol Shekain heel is Mutar and why bother asking?

Aryeh Burnham, Jerusalem

The Kollel replies:

I don't understand your first question. Why are the eyes better (or worse) than the heart? See also Rashash, who, citing the G'ra, replaces 'Kol Eiver' with 'Akeivo'.

Now look at the Maharsha who also asks your second Kashya, for which he has no answer.

The Hagahos in the Maharsha however (I don't know whether you have it in your Gemara) answers that according to those Amora'im who forbid 'Libo Ro'eh es ha'Ervah', Libo is definitely more stringent than Akeivo. And it is only if the Tana in the Beraisa permits Libo, that the Gemara asks from Akeivo, which is perhaps stricter than Libo, because it is possible to touch the Ervah with the heel, and it is therefore possible to decree seeing on account of touching.

Kol Tuv,

R. Eliezer Chrysler