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Yaakov Fink asked:

Thank you, Rabbi Kornfeld.I found what I've been looking for.

I had an interesting haorah on today's daf. The gemora shlogs op the Kal vochomer that one should be mevoreich

after learning because by eating one is neheine. There are two questions on this.

1) the chiuv of benshing is not connected to the hanoas achila

2) one has hanoa from learning as well?

I want to say that the gemora here does not mean Hanoas achila,but hanoas sevia the pleasure of being satisfied with foood .This holds only true for food. In learning one is never satisfied

kol toov Yaakov

The Kollel replies:


A 'Pircha' on a 'Kal-va'Chomer' does not need to be synonymous with the reason for the Mitzvah (or whatever it is from which one is learning the 'Kal-va'Chomer'). It will suffice for it to be an incidental Kula, Chumra or specification. Consequently, the fact that one derives physical benefit from the food over which one has to Bensch is a valid 'Pircha'.


The Hana'ah that one derives from learning is spiritual, not physical, and Chazal have said 'Mitzvos La'av Lehanos Nitnu', which means that, to all intents and purposes, it is not considered Hana'ah.

As for your Chidush, I don't think any pleasure can compare with the satisfaction of completing a Masechta, a Perek, a Sugya (or whatever). What makes you think that Sevi'ah means not wanting more?

And besides, it seems to me that, according to you, Hana'ah is synonymous with Sevi'ah (you yourself call it Hana'ah with regard to eating, but satisfied with regard to learning), in which case the Gemara ought to have said that by eating, one is Savei'a (and not Neheneh).

be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler