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Efraim Goldstein asked:

The wife of the chasid tells the mother of the second girl that her daughterl is buried "bemachatzelet shel kanim", and ......

a. Didn't the mother know this already

b. What type of "insult" was this, such that it should be spoken in the middle of a fight. It appears to be simply a statement of fact.

c. Did the mother in fact do something as a result of the statement??

The Kollel replies:

(a & b) Yes, but the Chasid's wife's point was to admonish the woman for being so miserly in not spending the money to bury her daughter in proper burial shrouds. Furthermore, part of her admonishment was to show the mother that other people knew about the bad thing she had done by burying her daughter in a mat of reeds.

(c) Not that we know of.