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Yakov Grunwald asked:

Question:Rashi DH LIKERIAT SHEMA: How can you explain Rashi's comment that [although Keri'as Shema is limited to the first three hours of the day,] Tefillah can be recited the whole day when this is manfestly not the case?

Thank you very much.Kol Tuv

Yakov Grunewald

The Kollel replies:

Your have raised a very puzzling question on Rashi, and indeed the Rashba already wondered what Rashi meant by that statement. Here are some of the explanations that have been suggested for Rashi's words:

(a) Rav CHANANYA LIPA MEIZELS (in the Vilna Shas) explains that Rashi means Tefilah has no time limit mid'Oraisa , while Shema does (similar to the Rashba's own explanation for the Gemara).

(b) The MAR'EH KOHEN (also in the Vilna Shas) explains that Tefilah can be "made up" if missed (Gemara, 13a) while Shema, when missed, cannot.

Be well, Mordecai