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Noah Witty asked:

Dear Reb Mordechai, On the gemara which proves techiyas hamaisim via the proximity of

the words in Mishlei 30, " she'ol v'otzer racham

", I recall once

seeing in a sefer the point that she-ol and racham are in fact not next to each other, but are separated by a word, v'otzer . The point of the vort (as memory serves) may have been that when the gemara darshans a s-michut it need not be precise and that in turn shed light on some other gemara which also gave some new twist to the gemara here in berachot. Since I obviously don't now what I am talking about, I was hoping that some else saw what I have forgotten and could enlighten me. Mo'adim Le-simcha, Noach Witty -------------------------------- The Kollel replies: Sorry, we're not familiar with the "Vort" that you describe, nor did we find it in any of our Sefarim on Berachos. If you do find it again, please let us know where it is!