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Aaron Meir Goldstein asks:

Why is this relevant here?

Aaron Meir Goldstein, Telzstone Israel

The Kollel replies:

If the previous text that is in parentheses is correct, it is obviously relevant as another statement said by Rebbi Yonah in the name of Rebbi Zeira. However, according to those who do not have that text, I did not see anyone who explains the connection.

I think that the connection is not based on Rebbi Yonah's statement, but on what Rav Acha told Rebbi Yonah, which was that whoever learns Torah before going to sleep does not receive bad tidings. This is very similar to the statement before Rebbi Yonah that whoever prays first and then travels has his will taken care of by Hash-m. Both are regarding people who do good things before doing something else, and both receive just reward. Rebbi Yonah's teaching was mentioned only because of Rav Acha's reply (like a Reisha mentioned Agav a Seifa), which is relevant to the previous teaching.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose