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Gavriel Enoch asked:


You write a very intersting pshat of the Vilna Gaon about one who does not have a dream in seven days. Can you please tall me where exactly the Vilna Gaon says it. Thanx,

Gavriel Enoch, Israel

The Kollel replies:

It can be found in the Hosafos at the end of Divrei Eliyahu, cited from an article in an old Polish Torah periodical called ha'Be'er.

Since it is not found in the works of the Gaon or his students, we can never be certain that it came from the mouth of the Gra... especially considering that it is not his typical style. Peninim mi'Shulchan ha'Gra expresses his doubts as to whether it can actually be attributed to the Gaon. But the thought is beautiful nonetheless.

Best wishes,

Mordecai Kornfeld

Kollel Iyun Hadaf