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Yeshayahu Schmidt asks:

Dear R. Kornfeld,

G'mar Tov. I hope all is well for now and for next year. Is there a difference, maybe, between Rashi - DH Pasach B'dshichra: a"m shehakol (as opposed to a"m shechar)...*nizkar* shehu yayin, and Tos. D"H Pasach - Havin shehaya shechar.

G'mar chatimah tovah,

Yeshayahu Schmidt

The Kollel replies:


Hi! Sorry for taking so long to respond. I'm catching up now on the readers' questions. Feel free to ask more in the future -- in fact, I always enjoy your He'oros.

About the Rashi and tosfos, that's a very interesting observation. There certainly is room to argue that there is a difference between the two opinions, as you suggest. (However, the Rashba quotes Rashi with a wording similar to that of Tosfos.)

Be well,

-Rabbi Kornfeld