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David A Willig asked:

Since we know when we start the Seder that we are going to have 4 cups of wine, why does each one get it's own bracha? Shouldn't the bracha for kidush be motzi the other three kosos? PS keep up the good work. I could not learn daf yomi without your help.

David A Willig, NYC. USA

The Kollel replies:

First let me point out that according to your reasoning a brocha rishona would nevertheless be required for the third cup, since Bircas Hamazon was recited. This is the ruling that the Sefaradim follow. The Ashkenazi custom is to follow the ruling of the Remah (474:1) who requires a separate brocha for each cup. The Mishna Berurah (ibid:4) explains that since each cup is a separate mitzvah they each require a brocha.

Y. Landy