Moshe rebukes Yisrael regarding the sin of the Golden Calf and other occasions where they subsequently sinned (See Pasuk 22). Why did he not include their rebellion at the Yam-Suf and their grumbling at Marah (about a lack of water) and at Alush (about the Manna)?


Ramban: Because he was not concerned with sins that they performed before Matan Torah, 1 for which they were held less responsible than those that they performed after Matan Torah, when they entered into a covenant wirh Hashem.


Refer to 9:22:1:1 and refer to 9:24:1:1.


Moshe refers to the sin of the Eigel ha'Zahav, Tav'eirah, Masah and Kivros ha'Ta'avah (in Pasuk 22), and the sin of the Meraglim (in Pasuk 23), all of which the current generation were not guilty of (since they were either under age or not yet born). Why did he not mention the sin of Ba'al Pe'or, the one sin of which they were guilty? (EC)

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