Why does the Torah use the double expression "Im Shacho'ach Tishkach"?


Rashi (in 11:13): 'Once you begin to forget, you will go on to forget everything'. 1


Seforno: This will occur if Yisrael attribute their successess in the land to their own prowess


Rashi: As it states in Megilas Chasidim (or Megilas S'tarim - [It is also a Sifri]) 'If you will abandon Me for one day, I will abandon you for two!' (See Sifsei Chachamim there). In other words, when you forget Hashem, He forgets you


Why does the Torah use the double expression "Ki Avod Toveidun"?


Seforno: Because if Yisrael follow the sequence mentioned in the Pasuk, they will lose Olam ha'Ba as well as Olam ha'Zeh. 1


Presumably, the heading in the Seforno, which reads 'Toveidun ka'Goyim", ought to read 'Avod Toveidun'.

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