Why does the Torah describe Hashem as 'Keil Gadol ve'Nora'? Below (10:17), it mentions also 'Gibor'!


Ba'al ha'Turim and P'nimim mi'Shulchan ha'G'ra: "Gadol" corresponds to Avraham, 1 who fought the four kings, and "Nora" corresponds to Ya'akov, 2 who fought against Lavan and Eisav. 3 Gibor corresponds to Yitzchak; we do not find that he fought.


Ba'al ha'Turim: See Yehoshua, 14:15.


Ba'al ha'Turim: See Bereishis 28:17.


Lavan and Eisav prepared to fight Yakov, but they did not! Rashi (Bereishis 18:23) compares Avraham's forceful prayer for Sedom to war; all the more so, the heated dialogue between Lavan and Yakov (Bereishis 31:26-43) is like war! Some say that "Asher Lakachti mi'Yad ha'Emori b'Charbi uv'Kashti" means 'from Esav', and some say that "b'Charbi uv'Kashti" literally means with a sword and bow (refer to Bereishis 48:22:4:1,3,4,5,6), but no one explains that Yakov physically fought Esav! Some say that when Esav kissed him, he bit his neck (refer to Bereishis 33:4:2:3). Or, the Torah tells us not to fear the Kena'ani, and hints to two Avos, whom Hashem protected in or from war. (PF)

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