What do we learn from "Lo Yihyeh Vecha Akar v'Akarah uvi'Vhemtecha"?


Reish Lakish (Bechoros 44b): You will not be sterile if you are like an animal (unashamed to urinate in public, if necessary. Delaying urination can cause sterility.)


R. Yehoshua ben Levi (Bechoros 44b): You will not be barren of Talmidim, and your prayers (Rashi - for children) will not be rejected, if you make yourself (Tosfos - humble) like an animal.


Pesikta Zutresa (12b): It is as if it says 'v'Lo Yihyeh Akar v'Akarah bi'Vhemtecha" (and none of your animals will be sterile).

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