What are these two Peukim (24 and 25) coming to add the previous Pesukim?


Ramban: Refer to 6:21-23:1:1. And He gave us the all these Eidos, Chukim and Mishpatim to fear Him when we observe the Eidos, which commemorate His miracles, and to do good to us when we fulfill the Chukim, which are totally good, completely devoid of anything that is negative, notwithstanding our lack of comprehension and to grant us life when we keep the Mishpatim, which are all also devoid of anything that is harmful. And we are obligated to carry out the will of the Creator, since He is our -d and we are His people, and there is nothing in all His Mitzvos other than goodness,


Seforno: Refer to 6:21-23:1:2. And He achieved this by carry out all these Chukim, by means of which we perceived His greatness and acquired Yir'as Shamayim 1 - in order to earn a good life in this world.


All of which would not be possible to attain merely by keeping the seven Mitzvos B'nei No'ach. Refer to 6:20:1:2.

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