How does this answer the son's question?


Ramban (on Pasuk 20): We tell him all about Yetzi'as Egypt, which teaches us that Hashem is the Creator who wants us and who is all-capable - "le'Eineinu" 1 - which we witnessed with our own eyes. 2


Seforno: We explain to him that since we were slaves in Egypt and therefore unable to attain the perfection that is required of us, Hashem performed wonders to take us out from there and to bring us to the land, to enable us to reach that perfection . 3


Moshav Zekenim (Shemos 12:26): The Chacham sees that we eat Chagigah, and afterwards Pesach when we are satiated. He asks that we should eat Pesach first, for it is primary! We answer that one may not eat after the Pesach.


Ramban: Refer to Shemos, 20:2:4:2.


Ramban: And that is why it befits us to honor His Name - since He is our Creator who bestowed upon us abundant kindness. Refer also to 6:24:1:1.


Refer also to 6:24:1:2.


Why does the Torah forbid planting the Asheirah specifically beside the Mizbe'ach?


Ramban: Refer to 16:21:1:1 & 16:22:2:2.


Rashbam: Refer to 16:21:2:1.

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