Assuming that the Pasuk here is referring to the Chacham (See Rashi, Shmos 13:14), what exactly is he asking?


Ramban: He wants to know on what the Eidos 1 are testifying, the purpose of the Chukim, whose reason is hidden from us, and the connection between the punishments (the Mishpatim) and the sins. 2


Seforno: He is asking why the seven Mitzvos B'nei No'ach do not suffice?


Ramban: Which commemorate and testify on Hashem's miracles


How does this differ from the question of the Rasha in Shmos 24:26, inasmuch as the Chacham too, uses the hem word "eschem", just as the Rasha there uses the word "Lachem"?


Rashi (in his Sidur): The Chacham is different, in that he inserts "Hashem Elokeinu", thereby including himself in the Mitzvos. 1


And he only says 'eschem' because he sees the grownups performing them.

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