Assuming that the Pasuk here is referring to the Chacham (See Rashi, Shmos 13:14), what exactly is he asking?


Ramban: He wants to know on what the Eidos 1 are testifying, the purpose of the Chukim, whose reason is hidden from us, and the connection between the punishments (the Mishpatim) and the sins. 2


Seforno: He is asking why the seven Mitzvos B'nei No'ach do not suffice?


Ramban: Which commemorate and testify on Hashem's miracles - such as Matzah, Succah, Pesach, Shabbos, Tefilin and Mezuzah.


Ramban: Such as stoning someone who desecrates the Shabbos, burning a man who has relations with a woman and her mother or lashing someone who plants Kil'ayim, as opposed to the Torah's civil laws, such as that of an ox or a pit that damages and the Dinim of the four kinds of guards, which are righteous and good and easily understood by everybody.


How does this differ from the question of the Rasha in Shmos 24:26, inasmuch as the Chacham too, uses the hem word "eschem", just as the Rasha there uses the word "Lachem"?


Rashi (in his Sidur): The Chacham is different, in that he inserts "Hashem Elokeinu", thereby including himself in the Mitzvos. 1


And he only says 'eschem' because he sees the grownups performing them.

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