What is the significance of the two sets of Mitzvos, one here, and one in 6:1?


Ramban: The former refers to the Aseres ha'Dibros, which they heard directly from Hashem; the latter, to the rest of the Torah, which, following their request - with which Hashem agreed, they heard from Moshe Rabeinu. 1


Seforno (on 6:1): The former refers to the Mitzvos that applied to them until now; the latter, to the Mitzvos that were connected to Eretz Yisrael 2 , which would take effect only once they entered Eretz Yisrael.


Ramban: As the Pasuk specifically states.


However, they begin only with verse 10. In between are eight verses, including Parshas Shma! (PF)


What the connotations of "ve'Lo Sasuru Yamin u'Semol!"?


Seforno: It means that they should not add to the Mitzvos or subtract from them. 1


This is not equivalent to the Mitzvah not to veer right or left from what the Chachamim tell you. Refer to 17:11:1:1 & 2 and the notes there.

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