Why did the Torah write "Zachor" in Yisro and "Shamor" here?


Rashi and Ramban: Hashem said both words simultaneously as one, and that is how they were heard. 1


Refer to 20:8:3:1 In fact, "Zachor" refers to the Mitzvos Asei of Shabbos such as Kidush, and "Shamor", to the Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh, such as the thirty-nine Melachos. Refer also to 20:8:2:1-5 and to 20:8:4:1 & 2.


What is "Ka'asher Tzivcha" referring to?


Rashi (citing Shabbos, 87b): It is referring to Marah, 1 where Hashem first commanded Yisrael about keeping Shabbos.


Seforno: It is referring to keeping Shabbos in the way that the Torah indicated at Marah, where it stated "ve'ha'Yashar be'Einav Ta'aseh, ve'Ha'azanta le'Mitzvosav", 2 an indication that one should spend Shabbos studying Torah and Mitzvos. 3


Rashbam: It is referring to the reason that Hashem stated at Sinai (when He gave Moshe the first Luchos - on which He wrote "Ki Sheishes Yamim Asah Hashem es ha'Shamayim ve'es ha'Aretz". 4


Refer to Sh'mos, 15:25:3:1. The question arises however, as to why we say in Shabbos Musaf 'Az mi'Sinai Nitztavu alehah' and not 'Az mi'Marah ...'?


Refer to Shmos 20:10:1:1*.


In Shmos 20:11. Rashbam: The Torah only inserts here "Ka'asher Tzivcha ... " in connection with Shabbos and , 'Rim and Kibud Av va'Eim, because they are Mitzvos Asei, as opposed to the other eight vd'cha commandments, which are Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh (See Rashbam).

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