What are the connotations of "Oz Yavdil Moshe ... "?


Rashi (citing Makos, 10a): It means that Moshe was particular to contemplate 1 separating the three towns of refuge in Eiver ha'Yarden 2 - and he now put his thoughts into effect.


Ramban and Seforno: Having gathered the people to explain the Torah to them and having concluded the introduction to his explanation, 3 Moshe now designated the three towns in Eiver ha'Yarden (to demonstrate the importance of keeping the Mitzvos - Seforno), in that he fulfilled just a segment of a Mitzvas Asei. 4


See Sifsei Chachamim.


Rashi (Ibid.) and Ramban: Even though they would not take effect until the three in Eretz Yisrael were designated - Because he said 'If a Mitzvah comes to hand, let me fulfill it!'.


Ramban: Incorporating his rebukes, his warning against Avodah Zarah and the Mitzvah of Yichud Hashem, and a warning to keep the Mitzvos in order that Hashem do good to them.


Refer to 4:41:1:1**.


Why does the Torah insert Moshe's designation of the Arei Miklot in the middle of his speech?


Rashbam: It is in anticipation of what he is about to state in Devarim 19:2 & 8 "Shalosh Arim Tavdil lach ... ve'Im Yarchiv ... Veyasafta lach Od Shalosh Arim ... ".

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