What is the correlation between Pesukim 37-39.


Seforno: Now that, out of love of the Avos, took Yisrael out of Egypt - where they were unable to reflect, and miraculously gave them His land, it is befitting that they start reflecting about the apparent discrepancies in the creation of Heaven and earth> And if they do so, they will arrive at the conclusion that Hashem is the G-d - the Eternal Organizer, well-known in the Heaven above and on the earth below, who manages their affairs and the connections that keep them running smoothly towards the purpose for which they were created. 1


Seforno: Without which, it could not possibly be fulfilled.


Why did Hashem need to drive out the powerful nations in order to give Yisrael their land? What was so special about their land?


Seforno: Because it is the land of Hashem 1 which enables one to acquire the perfection (in Midos) which one should aspire to attain.


What are the implications of the words "ka'Yom ha'Zeh"?


Rashi: 'That is the situation as you see it today'.


Rashbam: Like today, when you have already begun to posses the lands of Sichon and Og.

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