What is this Pasuk coming to teach us?


Rashi: (Refer to 33:3:4:1) - And this is what they declare: 'The Torah that Moshe taught us is a legacy 1 for the congregation of Ya'akov - Let us hold on to it and not forsake it!'


Ramban: 'Yisrael will constantly proclaim that the Torah that Moshe taught us is a legacy - for all time 2 for the congregation 3 of Ya'akov'.


Seforno: It goes together with the end of the previous Pasuk. Refer to 33:3:4:5.


Torah Temimah #1 (citing Makos, 22b): This teaches us that the Torah contains 613 Mitzvos - since the Gematriyah of Torah is 611 - with reference to the Mitzvos which Moshe taught us, plus 'Anochi' and 'Lo Yih'yeh l'cha', which we heard directly from Hashem.


Sanhedrin, 59a: A Nochri who studies Torah is Chayav Misah - since the Torah writes "Lanu Morashah" - It is our heritage, and a Nochri who studies it is stealing our heritage. 4 Some say that we read Morashah like Me'orasah (betrothed), and it is as if he commited adultery with another man's wife.


To pass on to our children - which explains why the Torah writes "Morashah" and not 'Yerushah'. See also Ba'al ha'Turim. Refer also to 11:19:1:1.


Ramban: It will never be forgotten, and we will never exchange it for another Torah - See Ramban on Pasuk 5.


Ramban (citing the Midrash): Incorporating the many Geirim who come to join us and serve Hashem - See Ramban.


And a Nochri who steals is Chayav Misah.

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