What does the Torah add the words "be'Etzem ha'Yom ha'Zeh"?


Rashi (citing the Sifri): Because Yisrael were saying that they would never allow Moshe to be taken from them. 1 So Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu said 'I will take him away in the middle of the day; See if you can stop Me!' 2


Targum Yonasan: To hint that he would die on that very day - the seventh of Adar - the same day on which he was born. 3


Kli Yakar: Death is called sunset. Moshe at his death still had his full strength; it is as if he was in the middle of his days, like the sun be'Itzumu (at its greatest strength, at noon).


Sichos Musar: Perhaps they meant via the power of Tefilah be'Tzibur.


In fact, this is one of three places where Hashem uses the term "be'Etzem ha'Yom ha'Zeh" Refer to Bereishis, 7:13:1:1, and to Sh'mos, 12:51:1:1.


Refer to Sh'mos, 23:26:4:3.

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