What is the translation of "Vayis'aber Hashem bi"?


Rashi: 'Hashem was furious 1 with me'.


From the word 'Evrah'


What did Moshe mean when he said "Lema'anchem"?


Rashi: Moshe meant that it was Yisrael who caused him to sin. 1


Seforno: Because Moshe wanted very much to establish Yisrael in the land permanently, that they should never go into exile, but Hashem had already sworn that He would 'scatter you among the nations'. 2


Rashi: As the Pasuk states in Tehilim, 106:32.


Refer to 1:37:1:2.


What did Hashem mean when He said to Moshe "Rav lach!"?


Rashi #1 (citing Sotah 13b): He meant that the people should not claim that the 'Rav' 1 is so harsh whilst the Talmid is so patient as he pleads with Him.


Rashi #2: (He was telling Moshe not to worry, since) Much more reward (than entering Eretz Yisrael) is reserved for him and stored away in the world to come.


Da'as Zekenim #1, Rosh #1, Moshav Zekenim (Shemos 2:21), from Midrash Agadah: Moshe told Hashem, if you vowed or swore that I not enter, You can permit it, just like You permitted 2 the vow I swore to Yisro (refer to Shemos 2:21:1:2 and the note there)! Hashem said Rav Lach


See Sifsei Chachamim.


Moshav Zekenim: - "Hachilosa" (verse 24) is like "Lo Yachel Devaro" (Bamidbar 30:3). Hashem permitted it without Yisro's permission.


I do not know the source that a Talmid (or a Beis Din) cannot permit vows of his Rebbi. Rabah bar bar Chanah (Bava Basra 74a) heard a voice from Heaven say 'who will permit My oath?!' He and Rabanan understood that Hashem was hinting that he permit His oath (not about Moshe). In any case this Drashah is unlike R. Yehoshua, who holds that Hashem can permit His oath by Himself (Chagigah 10a). (PF)


Daliyos Yechezkel (p.272): What was wrong with Moshe's words to Korach? Initially Korach aspired to higher levels in Ruchniyus; Moshe said 'you have enough.' Therefore, when Moshe wanted to enter the land to reach higher levels in Ruchniyus, he was told similarly.


Chumash ha'Gra citing Ma'ase Ilfas: Also, "Ahavti Es Ishti"


What are the words "Od ba'Davar ha'Zeh" referring to?


Divrei Eliyahu, citing the Zohar: Moshe knew that if he says "Na" twice in his Tefilah, kit will be accepted. He said "E'ebrah Na" (Pasuk 25), and intended to say 'v'Er'eh Na'; Hashem told him, do not repeat this word. 1


Divrei Eliyahu: Like we find in his prayer for Miriam "Kel Na Refa Na Lah" (Bamidbar 12:13). Chumash ha'Gra

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