What is this Pasuk coming to teach us?


Rashi: It is coming to add an Asei 1 to the Lo Sa'aseh against eating non-Kasher species of Sheretz ha'Of.


Ramban #1 (on Pasuk 3): To teach us that all the above-listed birds are abhorrent and that all other species of birds are Tahor and are therefore fit to be eaten by a soul that is Tahor.


Ramban #2 (citing R. Shimon in the Sifri): "Kol Of Tahor Socheilu" comes to permit the Kasher species of locust, 2 whereas "ve'Chol Sheretz ha'Of ... " in the previous Pasuk refers to the non-Kasher species of locust. 3


Rashi: Since a La'av that one extrapolates from an Asei is an Asei.


Ramban: Listed in Vayikra 11:22.


Ramban: Listed in Vayikra 11:21. See Ramban DH 'u've'Sifri'.

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