What is "Ki Eineichem ha'Ro'os" referring to? What message is the Torah conveying here?


Rashi: It is referring to "Ki Lo es Beneichem asher Lo Yad'u ... " in Pasuk 2.


Seforno: With reference to Hashem's punishing all those who rebelled against Him, 1 - Par'oh and the Egyptians in Egypt and at the Yam-Suf, and to those who rebelled in the desert, predominantly Dasan and Aviram, the Torah is instructing those who witnessed these episodes to warn their children, who did not see them, not to follow in their footsteps. 2


Refer to 11:2:2:2, 11:5:1:2.


Seforno: Therefore, "Keep all the Mitzvos ... " - with reference to the stones which they were to take from the Yarden (as spelled out in chapter 27), upon which to write the entire Torah, as testimony that you witnessed all the above.

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