Why does the Pasuk not mention Korach and his band of followers, who were burned by a fire that came out from before Hashem?


Ramban: Because any Zar who transgressed the Lav of burning Ketores was subject 1 to punishment. 2


Ramban: In which case it was not confined to the sins of the desert.


Ramban: See Bamidbar 17:5. Indeed, King Uziyah performed the same sin and was punished - See Melachim 2, 2:19 (Even though he was punished with Tzara'as, and not burning. [Refer to Bamidbar, 17:5:2:2]).


What are the implications of "b'Kerev Kol Yisrael"?


Rashi: It implies that, wherever a member of Dasan and Aviram's family fled to, the ground opened and swallowed him up. 1


Rashi: Not by creating a separate crater - since the Torah wrote in Bamidbar 16:32 "Vatiftach ha'Aretz es Piha" (in the singular) - but by creating a slope that led to one central crater, into which he rolled.


What is the definition of "Kol ha'Yekum asher b'Ragleihem"?


Rashi: It refers to all their money (property) which places a man on his feet.

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