What exactly is the meaning of "Hu Tehilosecha" mean?


Ramban #1: It means that He should be the sole 1 recipient of all your praises. 2


Ramban #2: It means that it is your association with Him that makes you praiseworthy (that raises you above) the other nations. 3


Seforno: 'Be proud to be an Eved of the One who rules over all existence.


Ramban: And not the angels and the masters mentioned above in Pasuk 17.


Ramban: As the Pasuk indicates in Yeshayah, 42:5.


Ramban: as th Pasuk indicates in Tehilim, 29:18 and in Yirmiyah, 16:19.


What does "ve'Hu Elokecha" then mean?


Ramban: It means that He placed His Name upon you to be His people and that He will be for you a G-d, to offer you His personal protection, Because from the great and awesome deeds that He will perform on your behalf (Hashgachah K'lalis - communal Providence) 1 you will realize that you are His lot and His inheritance, and that His Eyes are always upon you to do good to you.


Ramban: As opposed to the other nations, where He is Merely the G-d of the angel that He designated to govern it. Refer to Vayikra 18:25:1:1

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