What exactly is the meaning of "Hu Tehilasecha"?


Ramban #1: It means that He should be the sole 1 recipient of all your praises. 2


Ramban #2: It means that it is your association with Him that makes you praiseworthy (that raises you above) the other nations. 3


Seforno: 'Be proud to be an Eved of the One who rules over all existence'.


Mesilas Yesharim Perek 17: When serving Hashem, one must clean himself from seeking praise from people. His intent should be only towards our Master. He is all our good and perfection, and nothing other than Him.


Ramban: And not the angels and the masters mentioned above in Pasuk 17.


Ramban: As the Pasuk indicates in Yeshayah, 42:5.


Ramban: As the Pasuk indicates in Tehilim, 29:18 and in Yirmiyah, 16:19.


What does "ve'Hu Elokecha" imply?


Ramban: It implies that He placed His Name upon you to be His people and that He will be for you a G-d, to offer you His personal protection, Because from the great and awesome deeds that He will perform on your behalf (Hashgachah K'lalis - communal Providence) 1 you will realize that you are His lot and His inheritance, and that His Eyes are always upon you to do good to you.


Ramban: As opposed to any other nation, for whom He is Merely the G-d of the angel that He designated to govern it. Refer to Vayikra 18:25:1:1.

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