Why does the Torah use the expression - regarding the cluster of grapes - "va'Yoridu eilenu"?


Rashi: This teaches us that Eretz Yisrael is higher than all other lands.


Why does Moshe cite the Meraglim as saying "Tovah ha'Aretz..." without mentioning the bad report that they gave?


Rashi (citing the Sifri) and Targum Yonasan: Because he is referring to Yehoshua and Calev, who gave a good report of Eretz Yisrael. 1


Ramban and Seforno: It refers to all the Meraglim, since initially, 2 when the spies reported back to Moshe and the people, they all gave a good report. 3


Refer to Bamidbar 14:3:2:1.


And Moshe cited Yehoshua and Calev, and not the other spies, to rebuke the people for believing the spies in spite of the testimony of the two Tzadikim, who merely corroborated what Hashem had said (Refer to 1:25:3:1).


Refer to Bamidbar 13:32:2:1. See also Ramban here.


And Moshe cited the good side of their report to rebuke them for not then having faith that Hashem would grant them success in driving out the Cana'anim and capturing the Land. Ramban (on Pasuk 37): Moshe declined to mention the bad report of the spies and their punishment because he was only concerned with the community at large, not with individuals.


Why did Moshe expect the people to believe the words of Yehoshua and Calev more than those of the ten spies?


Ramban: Because Hashem told them that the land was good and now that the most senior and righteous of the spies corroborated it, they should certainly have accepted it. 1


Ramban: And they should have realized that the other spies testified to the contrary out of fear. Refer to 1:25:2:1*.



Rashi writes that va'Yoridu teaches that Eretz Yisrael is higher than all other lands. Why did he not infer so from "va'Ya'alu" (verse 24, or "Alu Zeh ba'Negev" (Bamidbar 13:17)? And perhaps it is higher only than where Bnei Yisrael were, but not more than all other lands! And above (Bereishis 45:9), Rashi learned this from "va'Alu El Avi"!


Gur Aryeh: We cannot learn from va'Ya'alu, for it is an expression of good and first-rate. Also, perhaps the first place they went to was higher. Va'Yoridu would not apply only to the beginning of the descent. 1


Divrei David: "Va'Ya'alu" could apply to ascending the mountain. However, it says "va'Yoridu" after they came to 'Nachal Eshkol', a low place. Also, Moshe said Stam "ha'Harah"; this implies that the entire land is elevated. In Bereishis, Rashi explained why it says "va'Alu." He did not say that it teaches that Eretz Yisrael is higher. We learn only from here, that it says "va'Yoridu" and "ha'Harah"


He did not address the proof that Eretz Yisrael is higher than all other lands, nor Rashi in Bereishis. (PF)

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