If sending spies was good in Moshe's eyes, why did he include it in the Tochachah?


Rashi: He didn't really approve of the idea to send spies 1 , and he only agreed because he hoped that, if he acquiesced to their request, Yisrael would realize that there was nothing to hide, and that the land must be really good, in which case they would withdraw their request. 2


Seforno: Moshe did not realize that they had doubts about Hashem's promise that they would conquer the land and that it was good. He thought that they merely wanted to select their respective portions of land, 3 knowing that they were not destined to conquer it all quickly


Because if it was bad in the Eyes of Hashem, it cannot genuinely have been good in the eyes of Moshe.


Rashi: It can be compared to Reuven who asked Shimon to sell him his donkey. When Shimon replied in the affirmative, Reuven asked him for permission to take it on trial ... in the hills and mountains. When he saw that Shimon agreed to all the conditions that he asked for, Reuven thought to himself that the donkey is clearly without blemish, and purchased it on the spot.


Seforno: As they themselves indicated, when they said "v'es he'Arim asher Navo aleihem".


Since the Torah writes "Ish Echad la'Shavet", why does it see fit to add "Sh'neim-Asar Anashim"?


Rashi: To teach us that the tribe of Levi was not included. 1


Riva: Even though we know this from the verses in Bamidbar (13:4-15) - Rashi teaches us that the rebuke about the spies did not apply to Levi, because, the fact that no spy was sent from Levi demonstrates that no Levi'im came to request spies! And that is also why the decree of the spies did not apply to Levi. Refer to Bamidbar 14:29:1:1.


What does the word "Mikem" imply?


Rashi and Targum Yonasan: It implies that Moshe picked the finest and the best from among the people.


Since the men that Moshe picked were Nesi'im and leaders (See, Bamidbar 13:2 & 3), why did Moshe refer to them only as 'Anashim'?


Ramban: Because now that they sinned, one does not sing the praises of Resha'im.

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