Why does the Torah see fit to inform us that a Ger too, must bring a Korban Pesach when we do?


Rashi: Because we would otherwise have thought that he brings it when he converts. 1


Ramban: Because we would otherwise have exempted him from bringing it, 2 seeing as neither he nor his ancestors left Egypt. 3


Just like we did.


Ramban: Even though the Torah in Vayikra 12:48 included Geirim in the Mitzvah, that was because those Geirim (th Eirev Rav) left Egypt together with Yisrael.


Ramban: See Devarim 6:23.


To whom do the three categories "Lachem, ve'la'Ger u'le'Ezrach ha'Aretz" refer?


Seforno: "Lachem" refers to the era of the desert, where everybody was equal; whereas "la'Ger u'le'Ezrach ha'Aretz" refers to that of Eretz Yisrael, where, the Torah is informing us, the Ger has the same Din as the native of the land.

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