What is the Torah referring to when it writes that Moshe, Aharon and Adas Bnei Yisrael did all that Hashem commanded them?


Rashi: Moshe stood them, Aharon waved them 1 and Yisrael leaned their hands on them.


Seforno: Between them they helped the Leviyim to do everything that needed to be done regarding shaving, washing their clothes and bringing their Korban.


Moshav Zekenim, citing R. Eliezer of Garmaiza: The Leviyim did not want to shave themselves. All Yisrael helped and shaved them Bal Korcham (against their will).


Refer to 8:11:2:2.


Why does the Pasuk repeat "Kein Asu lahem Bnei Yisrael"?


Seforno: To inform us that Yisrael made an effort to do for the Leviyim whatever needed to be done, in order to carry out the Will of Hashem.

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