How can we reconcile the Pasuk here, which states that Moshe was able to enter the Mishkan, with the Pasuk at the end of Pikudei "ve'Lo Yachol Moshe Lavo el Ohel Mo'ed"?


Rashi: Refer to Pikudei, Sh'mos, 40:35:1:1.


Why does the Pasuk need to inform us where Moshe was standing and that the Voice emanated from between the two Keruvim?


Rashi #1 and Targum Yonasan: To dispel the discrepancy between the Pasuk 1 which writes that Hashem spoke with Moshe from the Ohel Mo'ed, implying that he was standing outside, and the Pasuk 2 where Hashem informed him that He would speak with him from on the lid of the Aron. The current therefore teaches us that Hashem's Voice descended from Heaven to between the two Keruvim on the lid of the Aron, from where it emanated to the Ohel Mo'ed where Moshe was standing, nobody else who was standing outside.


Rashi #2 (In Vayikra 1:1): It teaches us that Hashem's Voice emanated (not from the entire lid, 3 but) from between the two Keruvim exclusively.


As is implied in Vayikra (Ibid).


What is the significance of the 'Hey' in "ha'Kol"?



It teaches us that the Voice that Moshe heard was (not a quiet voice, 1

but) the Voice of Hashem (in full force) that spoke with him on Har Sinai. 2


Seforno: The Pasuk is coming to stress that, in spite of the contrast between this Chanukas ha'Mizbe'ach and that of Sh'lomoh ha'Melech, 4

when Moshe came to the Ohel Mo'ed, he heard the same Voice of Hashem 5

that he heard before they worshipped the Golden Calf. 6


Why does the Torah write "Midaber", punctuated with a 'Chirik'?


Rashi: "Midaber" means that Hashem was speaking to Himself, 1 and Moshe overheard it.


Rashi: As if it had written 'Misdaber', as it is Kavod for Hashem to speak in this manner about Him.


And why does the Pasuk add the word "Eilav"?


Rashi: To prelude Aharon from the Dibur. 1


Refer to Rashi, Vayikra, 1:1:7:1*.


Why does the Torah insert the three Miyutim ""Ledaber Ito", "Midaber Eilav" and "Vayedaber Eilav"?


Rashi: Refer to Vayikra, 1:1:7:1*.

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