Why was the Nasi of Naftoli called Achira ben Einan, and of Dan, Achi'ezer ben Amishadai?


Hadar Zekeinim (18): The Pesel of Michah was in Shevet Dan, and the cloud expelled them. Dan asked his brother Naftoli to request mercy for him - be an Ach (brother) for help (Ezra), that he be a Ben with Kel Shakai. Naftoli answered Achira ben Einan?! My evil brother, who has idolatry, will be inside the cloud?!


Moshav Zekeinim citing R. Yehudah ha'Chasid: The cloud expelled Shevet Dan. Moshe and Yisrael said 'there must be a reason'; they searched for idolatry among them. The sinners were shrewd, and buried it in the ground. Naftoli said, my Ach (brother), that you call Ra - he is Ben Einan (proper to be in the cloud 1 ); we do not know the reason. Bnei Dan said Achi Ezer, my brother properly helps me. I and Ami (my nation) are Ben Shakai.


Moshav Zekeinim: They asked R. Yehudah ha'Chasid, if so, it should say "ben Anan" (and not Einan) he was not concerned to answer this.

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