Why is the word "Atudim" by Nachshon ben Aminadav written with a 'Vav', whereas by all the other Nesi'im it is written without one?


Ba'al ha'Turim: Because David is destined to descend from Nachshon, who will be blessed with six B'rachos. 1


See Yeshayah, 11:2. Refer also 7:13:1:1.


What is the significance of a. "u'le'Zevach ha'Shelamim Bakar Shenayim"? b. "Eilim Chamishah, Atudim Chamishah, Kevasim b'nei Shanah Chamishah"?


Ramban #3: It corresponds to David and Sh'lomoh, the first kings of the dynasty of Yehudah, who were both Tzadikim and the Malchus was established. b. Ramban #3: They correspond to the fifteen kings from Rechav'am till Tzidkiyahu, some of them complete Tzadikim, sme of them Beinonim and some of them complete Resha'im.

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