Why is a Nazir not permitted to perform the Mitzvah of burying his deceased relatives


Seforno: Because it is not correct for him to defile hjis Kedushah 1 for the sake of a dead person. 2


Seforno: Which is on a par with that of a Kohen Gadol.


Seforno: In similar vein to the Yerushalmi in Pesachim, 3:7 'Is it because there is a shortage of graves in Teverya, that I sent you to Netzivin (to learn Torah)'?


Having said "Al Nefesh Meis Lo Yavo", why does the Torah see fit to add Aviv Imo, Achiv and Achoso, in Pasuk 7.


Rashi (B'rachos, 19b): The Torah adds 'Aviv', to preclude a Meis Mitzvah from the prohibition; 'Imo', to preclude where the Nazir is a Kohen as well; 'Achiv', to include even where he is a Kohen Gadol, and 'Achoso", to obligate someone who is going to Shecht his Korban Pesach or to perform B'ris Milah, to bury a Meis Mitzvah and to forego the Mitzvah he is on his way to perform.

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