What is the exact meaning of "Latzbos Beten ve'Lanpil Yerech"?


Rashi: It means to cause the stomach to swell and the thighs to drop'. 1


Rashi: As when the 'Lamed' in front of a verb is punctuated with a 'Patach', it turns the verb into Hif'il, as if it had written 'Lehatzbos Beten ... ', like we find in Shemos 13:21 and in Devarim, 1:31.


To whom is "Latzbos Beten ve'Lanpil Yerech referring? Whose stomach will swell and whose thighs will drop?


Rashi: It is referring to the stomach and the thighs of the adulterer.


Why does the Sotah say word "Amen" twice?


Rashi: It is an acceptance of the Shevu'ah (and the curse): "Amen" on the curse, "Amen" on the Shevu'ah; "Amen" from this man, "Amen" from another man; 1 "Amen" that I did not sin whilst I was betrothed or married, a Shomeres Yavam or married to the Yavam. 2


Seforno: 'I accept the two conditions that you (the Kohen) stated: That if I did not go astray, I will be released from the sin of Shevu'as Shav; and if I went astray, the curse will take effect.


Targum Yonasan: "Amen" that I did not sin whilst I was betrothed, Amen" that I did not sin when I was married".


See also Ba'al ha'Turim.


Depending upon what she is now.

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