What exactly, was Elazar charged with doing in connection with the items listed in the Pasuk?


Rashi: It was his job to carry the oil for the Menorah, the Ketores, the anointing oil, and Minchas ha'Tamid, he commanded to offer it when they camped.


Ramban (citing the Yerushalmi, Shabbos, 10:3): Elazar was actually in charge of carrying all four items. 1


Ramban: Something that was humanly impossible, bearing in mind that the Ketores alone


What does "Pekudas Kol ha'Mishkan


Rashi, Ramban and Seforno: Elazar was also in charge of designating each member of the Bnei Kehas 1 to his role in the Avodah and what he should carry when they traveled. 2 (Regarding the latter, they would receive it from him when they set out and return it to him when they encamped 3 [Ramban]). 4


Rashi: Whereas Isamar was in charge of Gershon and Merari.


Rashi: In connection with all that is mentioned above.


Ramban: Moreover, Elazar was overall in charge of the Levi'im, above the three respective Nesi'im of Gershon, Kehas and Merari. Isamar was only the Gizbar of Gershon and Merari. (Refer to 3:32:1:1*).


However, this explanation appears to contradict what the Ramban himself writes in Naso - Refer to 4:32:3:1*, 4:49:1:2*.



Rashi writes initially that Elazar carried these, and concludes that he commanded to offer it when they camped!


Gur Aryeh: He carried the oil for the Menorah, the Ketores, and the anointing oil. We cannot say that he carried Minchas ha'Tamid, for it is called so only after Kidush in a Kli Shares, and it would become Pasul through leaving its Mechitzah! Also, there is no reason to prepare it in advance! Rather, he commanded to offer Minchas ha'Tamid when they camped.

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