What is this Pasuk coming to tell us?


Rashi #1: 'Do not render the land Tamei, 1 thereby forcing Me to dwell in the land when it is Tamei, since Hashem's Shechinah rests in Yisrael even when they are Tamei'.


Rashi #2 (in Yoma, 85a): That a. murder is a terrible sin that contaminates the ;and, and b. If one contaminates the land, the Shechinah will not rest in it.


Ha'amek Davar: The Shechinah cannot be in a Tamei place. If we are Metamei the land 2 , since the Shechinah dwells among Yisrael, this obligates exile of Yisrael.


RS"R Hirsh: If the nation is apathetic about murder, this is like denial of the Divinity of [the source of the Neshamah of] man, and proclaims that the land is Tamei. See also 35:34:1:2*.


Ha'Emek Davar

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